History of the Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

Proudly named after the founder of Connecticut, Thomas Hooker Brewing Company is one of the originals on the CT brewing scene.  First established in 1996 as the Troutbrook Brewpub, the company was originally located in the old Spaghetti Warehouse building on Bartholomew Avenue in Hartford.

In 2003 Troutbrook was rebranded to its then best-selling beer, Thomas Hooker Ale.

In 2006, the current ownership group took the company over and in 2007 moved the operation to Bloomfield CT with an eye on becoming solely a manufacturing microbrewery with a new focus on distribution.

Consistent growth throughout the years and diversification back into the hospitality sector now finds the company with 3 locations in the greater Hartford area, with the main production facility located in Bloomfield, CT.

Our State of the Art Brewery has an annual capacity of 20,000 BBLS. We run a 30 BBL 4 vessel brewhouse, a GEA Centrifuge, 16 Fermenters ranging from 40-60 BBL’s, and 8 Brite tanks ranging in size from 40 to 120 BBLs, and 2 canning lines capable of 50 -75 cans per minute.


Every great brewery is made up of a talented and dedicated team. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the great people who has been a part of this brewery since the beginning.


Supporting the local community has always been an important part of our mission to become Connecticut’s beer. Each year we sponsor a number of charitable events throughout the region, and since the beginning have donated to over 50 different causes. One of our biggest contributions, however, happens right at the brewery.

We took our most popular event, the Friday Open House, and turned it into a fundraiser by donating a portion of the proceeds to THE VILLAGE FOR FAMILIES & CHILDREN. With a regular attendance of over 200 we are able to make a significant contribution to a wonderful organization.

The Rev. Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) was a Puritan clergyman, statesman, and the founder of the Colony of  Connecticut.   Born and educated in England, Thomas Hooker came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s for the same reason many people at that time did– to seek religious freedom.   In Cambridge, Hooker found himself at odds with the stricter Puritan establishment and, in 1636, led a group of 100 to settle the Connecticut Colony in what is now Hartford, Connecticut. 

With his fellow colonists, Hooker worked to put together “The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut”– one of the world’s first written constitutions.  Thomas Hooker and his family became anchors of the community serving as spiritual and political leaders in early Connecticut.  Direct descendants of the Hooker line include President William Howard Taft, Aaron Burr, Edward Gillette (of Gillette Castle fame) and J.P. Morgan. 

Today, Thomas Hooker is recognized as one of Connecticut’s most important founders.  He continues to be the namesake for roads, schools, an annual parade in Hartford and, of course, our brewery.