Growlers of Fresh CT Beer Available at the Brewery

Beer Style 64oz Fill 32oz Fill
Standard Beers $8 $4
Premium Beers $14 $7
New Growler Container Price
64oz Glass Growler $3
32oz Glass Squealer $3


  • What’s a growler?
    A growler is a 64oz glass jug filled straight from the tap. It’s filled when you buy it, which makes it some of the freshest beer around! For a growler history lesson see here.
  • What’s a squealer? A squealer is a 32oz mini version of the standard growler. Also known as a Growlette, a Howler, 1/2 Growler, Grumbler or Grenade.=
  • How long does a growler stay fresh for?
    Growlers don’t keep as long as a normal bottled beer. It’s best to keep a growler refrigerated, and open within 1-2 weeks. Once it’s been opened you should drink it within 4-6 hours.
  • How many beers are in a growler?
    4 pints, or just over 5 12oz servings.
  • How many beers are in a squealer?
    2 pints, or just over 2.5 12oz servings.
  • Do you sell kegs at the brewery?
    Normally, Connecticut alcohol distribution laws prohibit us (for now) from selling kegs (and logs) at the brewery, but during these times we are allowed too. Check out our prices for our Kegs here
Beer Growler