Growlers of Fresh CT Beer Available at the Brewery

Beer Style 64oz Fill 32oz Fill
Standard Beers $8 $4
Premium Beers $14 $7
New Growler Container
or bring your own at no cost
64oz Glass Growler $3
32oz Glass Squealer $3
  • When can I buy my growler or get it refilled?Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
    Saturday 12-5pm
    (also 5-8pm during Friday Open House nights)
    directions to the brewery
  • What’s a growler?A growler is a 64oz glass jug filled straight from the tap. It’s filled when you buy it, which makes it some of the freshest beer around! For a growler history lesson see here.
  • What’s a squealer?A squealer is a 32oz mini version of the standard growler. Also known as a Growlette, a Howler, 1/2 Growler, Grumbler or Grenade.
  • What beers are available?The beer selection varies based on what we have on tap at the brewery tasting bar. Usually we’ll have 4 beer choices. During our Friday Open House nights there could be a few additional options.
  • How long does a growler stay fresh for?Growlers don’t keep as long as a normal bottled beer. It’s best to keep a growler refrigerated, and open within 1-2 weeks. Once it’s been opened you should drink it within 4-6 hours.
  • How many beers are in a growler?4 pints, or just over 5 12oz servings.
  • How many beers are in a squealer?2 pints, or just over 2.5 12oz servings.
  • Will you refill another brewery’s growler?Yes. We’re eco-friendly and cheapskate friendly so go ahead and bring your non-hooker growlers and get the refill price. Of course, there is a chance we’ll slap one of our stickers on it!
  • Do you sell kegs at the brewery?Unfortunately Connecticut alcohol distribution laws prohibit us (for now) from selling kegs (and logs) at the brewery.
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