It takes a crack squad of savvy motivated personnel to become Connecticut’s beer. We suppose we’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got! If you’re interested in joining our crew check the jobs page for openings.

Curt Cameron
Curt Cameron Emperor
  • likes: early risers, unnecessarily complex phones, video surveillance
  • dislikes: self-breaking machinery, last-minute callouts
Favorite Hooker: Hop Meadow IPA
Lisa Bielawski
Lisa Bielawski Curt's Right Hand Man/General Manager
  • likes: chasing turkeys, pampering Milo, being right
  • dislikes: the white part of brie, highway driving
Favorite Hooker: Old Marley Barleywine
Jason Best aka Brewsta Millions
Jason Best aka Brewsta Millions Production Manager
  • likes: common sense, sneakers
  • dislikes: Crocs, inferior grinders, unscheduled pick ups
Favorite Hooker: Belma
Scott Edelson
Scott Edelson Sales
  • likes: horse masks, halfies at the brewery, cardboard cutouts, Roosters
  • dislikes: juice cleanses
Favorite Hooker: Liberator Doppelbock
Daniel Tavelli
Daniel Tavelli Web Developer
  • likes: guacamole, seinfeld reruns, facebook like buttons
  • dislikes: sour cream, IE6, the new jersey turnpike
Favorite Hooker: Chocolate Truffle Stout
Jeff Pasquale
Jeff Pasquale Brewer
  • likes: trucker hats, overalls, bicycle commutes, brewery cats
  • dislikes: rice hulls
Favorite Hooker: Belma Pale Ale
Bryan Tuller
Bryan Tuller Production Team
  • likes: Beer, Beards, Bacon
  • dislikes: Wine, Shaving, Glue
Favorite Hooker: Sunburst Citra Sour
Mike Bongiorni
Mike Bongiorni Bottling Mechanic/All Around Brewery Fix It
  • likes: fridays, the A Team, 8-bit music, Mystery Science Theater
  • dislikes: mice, labeling adhesive, electric shock treatment
Favorite Hooker: Munich Lager
Tom O’Neil
Tom O’Neil Chief Operating Officer
  • likes: A cold beer after a long day of ambulance chasing
  • dislikes: Franchise law
Favorite Hooker: Imperial Porter
“Big Jim” Cameron
“Big Jim” Cameron Cleaning Commando
  • likes: fresh smelling bathrooms, new mop heads, drinking on the job
  • dislikes: gastrointestinal distress, streaky mirrors
Favorite Hooker: Blonde Ale
Blumkin Exterminator/Brew Cat
  • likes: eating rodents, sleeping 22 hours a day, jumping in people's laps
  • dislikes: dogs, Curt's dad, your mom
Favorite Hooker: Watermelon Ale