Hooker Name

Hooker Name

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Thomas Hooker Brewery gets its name from the great colonial leader of the 1600’s and founder of Hartford, Rev. Thomas Hooker (1586-1657).

Born in rural Marefield, Leicestershire, England, the son of a farm manager, Thomas Hooker won a good scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge, where in time he became the equivalent of a professor of theology.

But this status as a leader in the Puritan movement would cause him to emigrate first to Holland and then to New England in 1633, on the ship Griffin, to escape the persecution of Archbishop William Laud for non-conformity.

He is attributed as being the first minister of the First Parish in Cambridge, a church that still exists in the present day. His home was on a plot of land which today is part of the yard at
Harvard College.

In 1636, Thomas Hooker led 100 of his congregation west to found the new English settlement at Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford gets its name from Hertford, England, the birthplace of one of Hooker’s assistants, Rev. Samuel Stone.

After settling in Hartford, Hooker continued to be in contact with John Winthrop and Roger Williams. Hooker often traveled to Boston along the Old Connecticut Path, to help settle intercolonial disputes. He is also remembered for his role in creating the “Fundamental Orders of Connecticut”. This document is one of the modern world’s first written constitutions and an influence upon the current American Constitution, written nearly a century and a half later.